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It's my turn for A Day in the Writing Life.   Where I work, and stuff.  
I decided to use pictures and captions to portray my life as a writer. 
And to answer a few of the usual questions writers are asked.  I hope you don't mind.  
P.S. These writing machines are very expensive.  But worth every penny.:


When I can't be in my office (uh, you know, watching TV or something), I usually sit here:


As for the first most commonly asked questions of authors, I give you:


It's not all day work, btw.  I mean there are nights in the writing life, too.  
And I know some people would like to know who my agent is and who my editor is
and, in general, about all the many women in my writerly days and nights.  So:


Okay, what the heck. My agent is the wonderful and beautiful Stephanie Maclean at Trident Media Group.
And my editor is the incredibly talented and ravishing Erica Sussman, Haper/Collins.
But no numbers! 

The worst part of any writer's day is waiting. 
Here I am soon after I finished my book DEAD RULES and just before I started querying agents. 
This was one long day, let me tell you: 


The best part of any writer's day is when we go outside.  I like to work the crowd between chapters:


(I think the readhead is looking at my butt, btw.  Writers get that all the time!)

Well, that's it.   When it's sunny, I sometimes remember to wear sunglasses. 
I also eat , and play in the yard with dogs and stuff like that. 

And sometimes I use a microphone when I do readings from my work.
I like to be really loud and I find it helps make people buy my book.
Here I am telling people to buy my book for else! :



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